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Price List - Nails


Gel Polish

Gel Polish Soak Off with Manicure


Luxury Pedicure

Gel Pedicure

Gel Overlay (BIAB)

Details on these treatments can be found on this page, however please get in touch if you have any questions or for more information.








Nail Treatments

I use Magpie Beauty gel polishes and tools, these are all vegan and cruelty free, as well as beautician approved and HEMA free. 


If you prefer your nails to be left natural or your hands are in need of a pamper, then a

manicure will do just that! It’s not just about having pretty nails, during the manicure the nails will be shaped and filed, the cuticles will be tidied and trimmed, and your hands and arms will be massaged. Leaving your hands feeling soft and looking lovely. You can then chose a colour of polish (this unlike gel this will need some time to dry, but can be removed at home). A manicure is perfect if you can't have nail polish on your nails for your job. How long a manicure lasts, will depend on how you look after your nails when you leave. However it’s much easier to chip polish than any of the other nail treatments.


Gel Polish

The nails are filed and shaped, the cuticles are then worked, tidied and trimmed. Choosing from over 130 colours, the gel polish is then applied and cured under the LED lamp. This treatment can last 2/3 weeks and then is soaked off and reapplied with a new colour of your choice. Cuticle oil is then applied to keep your nails healthy and nourished. I include the soak off free as part of the treatment if its my own work.

Gel Polish Soak Off with Manicure

If for some reason you need the gel polish removed and not reapplied, then the gel polish will be soaked off and the nails tidied and your hands pampered. 

Gel Overlay (BIAB)

Using Magpies Strength and Structure (Builder in a bottle) for this popular treatment, it’s a great treatment for nails in any condition. It’s a hard gel which is applied to your natural nail. There are a couple of good reasons why you would choose to have builder in a bottle - no chipping or breaking so your nails will last and grow, so if your nails are short, or you are a nail biter, BIAB can be used to help grow your nails longer and stronger. Can be left nude or we can apply any colour of gel on top. This should last 2-3 weeks, at which point the nails would then need to be infilled.

Gel Pedicure

Looking after your feet is important regardless of the time of year...most people don’t like their feet, but with a little TLC

they can look amazing all year round. The nails are first cut & filed, your cuticles are worked on, gel polish applied - a colour is your choice

(over 130 colours to chose from). Your feet are then feet soaked in a kaeso foot soak to help relax those tired, hard worked feet. Your feet

are exfoliated and the hard skin removed. Finishing with a relaxing foot massage. Your feet will look and feel amazing, and ready to dance you through another month. Book again and the gel is soaked off free of charge as part of the pedicure. 

Pedicure -

Feet are soaked, in the fresh citrus kaeso foot soak, your nails are then cut and the cuticles tidied. Feet are then exfoliated and hard skin removed, finished off with a foot and leg massage using the mandarin and mint foot cream. Toe nails are then painted with a colour of your choice. The perfect treat for your feet! 

Luxury Pedicure -

This is the classic pedicure except with heated booties and sensuous warm oil. When the temperature drops, so does the temperature in our feet. This heightened cold state can put pressure on existing issues, such as prior injuries and illnesses like arthritis. The heated booties provide soothing & relaxing warmth to the feet. They will help to open the pores of the skin to allow the warm oil/massage cream to soak deep into the skin, ideal for softening hard skin on balls of your feet.

Why use cuticle oil?

Cuticle oil is essentially a combination of moisturising oils developed specifically for cuticles and nails. Cuticle oil is designed specifically to penetrate deeper than just a hand lotion or moisturiser. Without regular TLC your cuticles can become dry, cracked, broken or sore. Cuticle oil is the best product to help keep cuticles looking and feeling their best! Cuticle oil will nourish, hydrate and lock in moisture to help keep your nails (and of course any product on top of them) fresh!

Available to buy from the salon in some delicious scents, which change often, so please ask in the salon to see our selection.

Cuticle Oil - £6.50

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